SimulCastTV Overview
InfoValue SimulcastTV is a turnkey IPTV solution that enables live broadcast of events with many cameras, recording of all videos, and simultaneous replays of all videos with high fidelity in picture clarity and timing accuracy. SimulcastTV empowers large venue envet operators to have omnipresent capturing and reproduction of their productions.
SimulcastTV delivers precise timing controls in large scale operations of live broadcast, recording and replay of many video sources. SimulcastTV combines videos of many angles into continuous seamless views. SimulcastTV empowers simulation operators to perform real-time comprehensive After Action Reviews to increase the effectiveness of training. SimulcastTV also enables a new digital paradigm of presenting and capturing large stage performances such as in sports and arts.
InfoValue SimulcastTV works seamlessly with InfoValue IPTV platform to ensure powerful and easy-to-use functions, high-quality video, reliable and well managed operations, and unparalleled scalability and extensibility.

SimulCastTV Highlights

  • Omnipresent capture & reproduction
  • Precise multi-video synchronization
  • Full-featured live Multicasting & On-Demand
  • Highest fidelity MPEG-1/2/4, HDTV
  • Scalable to any size event
  • Seamless extension to After-Action-Review
  • Proven, reliable, robust