Security Market Overview

Today, the needs of real-time monitoring and security are progressing faster than ever. Analog VCRs are inefficient, out-dated, and often not effective enough to meet the demands of today’s surveillance requirements. Digital, IP-based applications increase operational efficiency and improve useability.
The challenge is to allow operators to easily view multiple video feeds from remote sites, to instantly capture the video, and to instantly replay a scene.

Security IPTV Solution

InfoValue has successfully delivered state-of-the art IP-based video solutions for security, surveillance and monitoring that more than meets that challenge. Based on the award-winning IPTV Platform technology, our solution uses centralized network servers to support any number of geographically dispersed cameras, achieving unrivaled scalability and cost-effectiveness. We provide server-based “Instant Replay” capability that allows instantaneous and accurate playback of recorded video over networks which is crucial to remote monitoring. Superior performance and unique features make our solution the best choice in the market.
See how the OKI Electric Industry is deploying InfoValue’s network digital video recorder solution to address the increasingly pressing and complex security and surveillance markets.