Residential Market Overview

With ever increasing choices of informational and entertainment content, media consumers never had it so good. But companies serving these media consumers face regulatory barriers and competitive threats that keep pressure on margins and market share. The challenge for these MVPD providers is to invest in the right infrastructure that is truly scalable, affordable and highly reliable and that provides their customers with the flexibility and media content access they now demand.

Residential IPTV Solution

InfoValue QuickVideo OnDemand (QVOD) System provides economical performance that is precisely tuned to the requirements of the video provider from early deployment in a market through complete penetration. Based on more than ten years of experience deploying video on demand solutions, QVOD is designed to be granularly scalable. A full-featured installation can start with a single 2RU server and grow to hundreds of thousands of streams incrementally and non-disruptively. This includes support for MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 and HDTV streaming. Real-time VOD to enable networked PVR services is also supported.