Hospitality Market Overview

The debut and rapid widespread adoption of digital media technology introduced people to heights of choice and presentation quality that they could only dream of a few years ago. But these dreams have become reality and have set the new standard by which people judge their in-room entertainment experiences. The challenge to hospitality providers and to apartment complex owners is to provide services for guests and tenants ranging from the highest quality HDTV movies-on-demand to interactive digital TV to networked digital video recording.

Hospitality IPTV Solution

InfoValue SuiteTV™ enables the fastest leap-forward for delivering compelling services that generate new revenues, increase occupancy rates, and simultaneously reduce operational expenses. Once guests and residents experience InfoValue SuiteTV™’s unparalleled video quality coupled with its highly responsive interactivity, you can be assured they will appreciate receiving the best in-room entertainment available.
In addition to guaranteeing the highest level of guest satisfaction, hospitality providers will have the capability to deliver targeted marketing, ads and promotions directly to the guest’s room for additional revenue opportunities.