Government Market Overview

InfoValue have contributed to land, air and sea defense since 1998. InfoValue technology has enabled the revolutionizing of military training and simulation applications. In addition to supporting armed defense, InfoValue solutions for local and national governments include remote learning systems for school districts and video systems for legislative bodies.
The challenge for instructors and trainees in military training is to immediately identify mistakes that occur in training scenarios and take corrective action. This approach significantly enhances the benefits of training time.

Government IPTV Solution

InfoValue SimulcastTV™ for After Action Review more than meets that challenge. It provides any organization that conducts “large venue” simulation the ability to view training activities from multiple areas and with various camera views. InfoValue SimulcastTV™ is a state-of-the-art digital video solution for omnipresent capture and reproduction of large venue events from as many angles as desired. With precise synchronization of the high-definition, high-quality video from all cameras, event viewing in live or review modes is split-second accurate with no details missed. The high-quality digital video files are available for immediate playback with precise timing synchronization and interactive control.