Enterprise Market Overview

Today almost every organization faces market and competitive challenges far greater than those in previous decades. An unpredictable economy, shorter product cycles, the need for greater technical expertise in the workforce and globalization place demands on an organization’s communication infrastructure. The challenge to the enterprise is to communicate quickly with a large number of employees and partners in an engaging and efficient manner.
InfoValue understand the necessity of enterprise-wide communication. We design our solutions on top of existing infrastructures, corporate intranet and display devices such as PCs and TVs. With the best accessibility, corporations can share information in the most cost-effective way.

Enterprise IPTV Solution

Leading organizations around the world have chosen InfoValue BizTV™ (link to product) to stream broadcast quality digital video to televisions and desktop PCs throughout their IP networks to improve their communications. InfoValue BizTV™ (link to product) is being put to work in applications ranging from training geographically dispersed sales people for a major pharmaceutical company to providing up to date news and analysis on the desktops of financial traders at a leading brokerage firm. A major European automotive manufacturer major European automotive manufacturer uses InfoValue BizTV™ to manage the collaborative review of its television commercials.