IPTV Switcher

InfoValue IPTV Switcher (“Switcher”) is a feature module of InfoValue IPTV Platform that facilitates remote operations of IPTV endpoints (“TVs”) including smart TVs and IP set-top boxes. Switcher uses the “Locale” construct to provide flexible management and operation of subsets of TVs with different location proximities. For example, TVs in a conference room can be organized in the “Conference Room 101” Locale with predetermined conditional access rights for particular administrators and operators. Tuning a TV to a channel is as simple as selecting the TV, picking the channel and then clicking the Tune button. Multiple TVs can tune to the same channel at the same time by creating a TV Group. Switcher can also instantly tune multiple TVs to different channels using the unique Profile feature, which maps TVs to channels, such as TV1 to CH10, TV2 to CH20, etc. To tune TVs based on a specific Profile, the user simply selects the desired Profile and then clicks on the Tune button. Channel tuning operations can be scheduled in advance for single execution or recurring executions. Operations can be structured with strict security controls. An operator is allowed to only operate channel tuning in Locales that they have been assigned to. An administrator is allowed to manage only certain Locales. All operational activities, including TV configurations and channel tuning, are recorded to enable future auditing by authorized personnel. Administrators and operators perform all operations on the “Switcher Console”, which runs on most browsers on Windows & Mac PCs and iOS & Android tablets and smartphones.