VidiPlay for Public & Event Spaces

InfoValue VidiPlay Solution (“VidiPlay”) for Public & Event Space Signage

Drive Employee and Visitor Experiences using Cloud-Based Visual Communications

Employee and guest engagement is most effective utilizing digital video and interactive imagery. The InfoValue VidiPlay Signage solution connects your employees and consumers to high-impact visual messages on any device. Whether that end device is a kiosk, tablet, TV, or PC, communicating your message and branding is simple and easy to manage.

Using the centralized cloud-based digital signage management tools, content design creation can be accomplished remotely and immediately reflected on multi-region end point displays. Select either existing template designs or customize your own message using video, images, RSS feeds, scrolling text, and live TV. Remote management includes real-time centralized dashboard monitoring and reporting to maximize any ROI of the visual communications.

The InfoValue VidiPlay Signage solution is ideal for campus environments, retail, meeting room management, convention centers, corporate environments, healthcare and hospitality facilities. Cost effective, scalable, simple to use, and cloud-based, InfoValue’s VidiPlay Signage solution guides public display visual communications into the next generation.

VidiPlay also has quite a few unique features, including:
  • Rich media presentation, including video, image and ticker tape messages
  • Power and easy-to-use scheduling
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Flexible deployment structure, including cloud server, cloud server and on-site cache appliance, or on-site server
  • Flexible signage endpoints, including smart TVs, set-top boxes, FireTV sticks
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