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BizTV Overview

InfoValue BizTV is a turnkey IPTV solution that empowers business to incorporate TV programs, internal video broadcast and video-on-demand to increase the efficiency of training and communications. BizTV also enables business to establish customized, attractive and interactive internal portals to increase communications and social networking among employees.
BizTV delivers digital TV programming to employee’s PC’s and TV’s, allows scheduled recording via program guide on PC’s, and provides such recorded content for on-demand time-shift viewing. BizTV allows business to have their own internal TV channels to communicate, train and guide employees, including timely instructions during critical emergency situations. BizTV also empowers employees to enhance their performance with on-demand sharing of experiences and self-paced learning.
InfoValue BizTV works seamlessly with InfoValue IPTV platform to ensure powerful and easy-to-use functions, high-quality video, reliable and well managed operations, and unparallel scalability and extensibility.

BizTV Highlights

  • Compatible with MPEG-1/2/4, HDTV formats
  • Full featured VOD & Multicast built in
  • Supports Network PVR
  • Supports TV or PC clients
  • Deployment over existing IP networks
  • Comprehensive management
  • Secure, scalable, reliable