Video On Demand

Video On Demand Overview

QuickVideo OnDemand (QVOD) delivers high-performance video streaming to STB, PC, Mac and mobile devices. QVOD supports High Definition and Standard Definition video standards, such as MPEG-2 and H.264. QVOD runs on industry standard hardware and operating systems, and is compatible with standard IP networks, including Ethernet, xDSL, cable modem, WiMax, WiFi and more.
QVOD delivers unparalleled streaming performance based on InfoValue’s innovative technologies such as the “I/O Tunneling” optimization. QVOD can be clustered to efficiently scale up its streaming throughput to respond to the increasing demands from growing deployments. QVOD Clusters provide failover protection, ensuring streaming services to clients are not interrupted in the presence of any server or network failures. QVOD Clusters are easy and cost effective to deploy because servers can be incrementally added without replicating the entire video repository.
QVOD works with RTSP compliant client devices, and in parallel provides an innovative protocol to achieve the unique error-free video streaming. QVOD provides extensive monitoring and controlling management features. QVOD is matured, reliable, scalable and adopted in numerous IPTV deployments worldwide.

Video On Demand Highlights

  • Interopreable with RTSP compliant clients, eg., STB, PC, Mac
  • Compatible with HD & SD video standards, eg., MPEG-2, H.264
  • Simultaneous streaming of different video formats and data rates
  • Guaranteed playback quality and interactivity, eg, trickplay and seekk
  • Compatible with industry standard storage systems, eg, RAID, NAS, iSCSI
  • Compatible with standard IP network infrastructure, eg, xDSL, cable, wireless