MultiCast Overview

QuickVideo Mullticast (QVMC) delivers high-quality video multicast to STB, PC, Mac and mobile devices. QVMC supports High Definition and Standard Definition video standards, such as MPEG-2 and H.264. QVMC uses standard IGMP technology to efficiently deliver real-time video to many simultaneous viewing clients via standard networks, including Ethernet, xDSL, cable modem, WiMax, WiFi and more.
QVMC provides all the functions needed for efficient IPTV channel operations, including streaming servers for real-time streaming of digital video from encoders or files, the manager for channel management and program scheduling, and the recorders for recording programming for instant replay, time-shift viewing or video archive. QVMC can be expanded with more streaming and/or recording servers to efficiently scale up its capacity to respond to the increasing demands from growing deployments.
QVMC works with RTSP compliant client devices via UDP and/or RTP packets. QVMC, alone with QuickVideo OnDemand, is a critical part of InfoValue IPTV Middleware that delivers personalized and interactive time-shift viewing via Network Personal Video Recorder (NPVR) and Time-Shift TV (TSTV) capabilities. QVMC is matured, reliable, scalable and adopted in numerous IPTV deployments worldwide.

MultiCast Highlights

  • Compatible with HD & SD video standards, eg., MPEG-2, H.264
  • Capable of dynamic channel definition and program scheduling
  • Compatible with dynamic Session Announcement Protocol standard
  • Capable of recording live programs onto multiple servers
  • Capable of forcing all clients to designaged channels upon special events
  • Capable of instant replay and time-shift viewing
  • Interopreable with IGMP compliant clients, eg., STB, PC, Mac
  • Compatible with standard IP network infrastructure, eg, xDSL, cable, wireless
  • Compatible with standard video encoding devices