Embedded Player

Embedded Player Overview

QuickVideo Embedded Player (QVPlayer) is a versatile PC-based video player for any IPTV application. QVPlayer plays back high-quality on-demand and multicast streaming videos, such as the High Definition and Standard Definition MPEG-2 and H.264. QVPlayer is compatible with standard IP networks, including Ethernet, xDSL, cable modem, WiMax, WiFi and more.
QVPlayer provides all user interactions needed for IPTV applications, including play, pause, seek, fast forward, and fast rewind. QVPlayer can easily be embedded into any IPTV application, and also have open interfaces any additional extensions. QVPlayer supports dynamic licensing whereby instances of QVPlayers are enabled on-demand.
QVPlayer interoperates with RTSP compliant servers, and in parallel works QuickVideo OnDemand (QVOD) server for the unique error-free video streaming. QVPlayer provides extensive monitoring features. QVPlayer is matured, reliable and adopted in many IPTV applications.

Embedded Player Highlights

  • Compatible with HD & SD video standards, eg., MPEG-2, H.264
  • Fully interactive control, eg, play, pause, fast-forward, fast-rewind, seek
  • Interoperable with RTSP compliant servers
  • Easily embedded into any IPTV applications
  • Compatible with standard IP network infrastructure, eg, xDSL, cable, wireless
  • Compatible with standard SAP announcement protocols