Distributed Cache

Distributed Cache Overview

QuickVideo Distributed System (QVDS) delivers high-performance content distribution over standard IP networks, including Ethernet, xDSL, cable modem, WiMax, WiFi and more. QVDS works with any file types, and is particularly efficient for distributing large files (such as video files) to many distributed sites simultaneously.
QVDS provides all the functions needed for IPTV content distribution, including central server for central scheduling and controlling, edge servers for edge specific receiving and processing, and management console for operation and management supports. QVDS automatically recovers from any distribution disruptions till their completions as quickly as possible. QVDS executes all distributions in strict adherences to the specifications of scheduling, priority and resource limitation.
QVDS uses standard FTP and/or HTTP protocols for compatibility with most deployment environments. QVDS provides extensive monitoring and management features. QVDS is matured, reliable, scalable and adopted in many IPTV deployments.

Distributed Cache Highlights

  • Efficient distributions based on titles, sites, resources, priorities and schedules
  • Associating metadata files with content files for automated content management
  • Comprehensive monitoring of distribution status
  • Non-disruptive and incremental addition and/or removal of edge servers
  • Compatible with HTTP and FTP protocols
  • Compatible with standard IP network infrastructure, eg, xDSL, cable, wireless