Event Photos

InfoValue IPTV Event Photos

Make the Memories, Share the Memories
The ability to share memories has become a normal, and expected part of life. The InfoValue IPTV Event Photos (“Event Photos”) module extends this functionality to all IPTV endpoints including in-room televisions and mobile devices. With the Event Photos module, guests who are part of a group (wedding, corporate event/conference, etc.) are able to view and purchase pictures which have been taken and uploaded by the event organizers. When guests of a wedding or corporate group check in, they will be given a event-specific PIN. After entering the PIN into the Event Photos module, they will be able to browse all available photos, purchase, and print photos from the comfort of their own room. The Event Photos module provides an easy-to-use upload interface, which allows photos to be uploaded at any time before, and during the duration of the event, and will be able to be viewed by guests immediately.