Dynamic Client

InfoValue IPTV Dynamic Client

More Flexibility, More Content and More Portability
InfoValue’s IPTV Dynamic Client Framework (“D-Client”) is a core module of InfoValue IPTV systems that delivers rich content and features in multiple user interface styles to different types of IPTV endpoints including smart TVs and set-top boxes from multiple manufacturers. D-Client uses one of InfoValue’s proprietary class libraries of user interface objects to deliver versatile styles of user interfaces and to provide effective, flexible customization. D-Client ensures that all user interface elements, such as videos, images and graphics, are properly presented irrespective of their sizes and positions within different user interface styles. With a few simple console entries, administrators and operators can easily change the user interface style of a deployment. D-Client provides a set of attractive user interface skins for immediate deployments, including the icon rich “Helium” style, the elegant “Lithium” style, the animated “Neon” style, the classical “Magnesium” style and the big impact “Silicon” style. User interface skins can also serve as templates to be customized. One group of styles is designed for compatibility with all IPTV endpoints and ease of maintenance. The other group of styles creates more impact, requiring more powerful endpoints and sophisticated design. D-Client has a common layer for interfaces with lower level firmware of different IPTV endpoints, allowing effective porting and extension to more types of IPTV endpoints.