Digital Signage

InfoValue IPTV Digital Signage

Simpler Management, More Interactivity and Higher Investment Return
InfoValue IPTV Digital Signage (“IPTV Signage”) is a feature module of InfoValue IPTV System that delivers Digital Signage functions with simpler management, more interactivity and higher return on investment. Digital Signage and in-room IPTV systems are generally separate systems, from different vendors, with limited interactivity between the two. IPTV Signage combines the two products into one, and allows customers to display personalized, and targeted advertising and information in public areas (hotel/hospital lobby, retail areas), and private areas (hotel rooms, hospital beds, etc.). For example, a guest attending a convention could see a mosaic screen on the guest room TV showing convention highlight videos, conference schedules, and promotions along with a personalized greeting; Digital Signage on public TVs can stream from the vast IPTV content library. IPTV Signage runs on all InfoValue IPTV endpoints, including Smart TVs, TVs with set-top boxes, desktop and mobile devices and leverages all InfoValue IPTV System capabilities, such as interactive Portal, Video On-Demand  and TV channels.