InfoValue is one of the pioneers of IPTV and IP Video Streaming technology. Founded in 1994, InfoValue has consistently developed and delivered IPTV innovations, platforms and solutions in a variety of different market verticals, including hospitality, enterprise, healthcare, education, residential, and public space/event venues.

Open Architecture

InfoValue’s products provide ubiquitous video delivery: working with standard IP networks of Intranet, Internet and mobile networks over various infrastructures such as fiber optics, cat-5/6, xDSL, IP over coax, 3G, WiFi and WiMax; supporting all video standards from broadcast quality High Definition TV to mobile videos; and interoperating with all client environments, including PC, handhelds, and smart phones.

Solution for a Wide Range of Markets

InfoValue have a long list of marquee customers in multiple market segments worldwide providing high performance IPTV services to many users, including PC clients in enterprises, schools, and government agencies, and TV clients in hotels, hospitals, ships, and communities. Example applications of InfoValue’s products include defense training, corporate communications and training, educations, TV broadcasting, hotel / hospital / cruise ship portals of interactive services and entertainment, residential community portals of communications, broadcast and time-shift TV, and VOD. InfoValue market and deliver their products through a comprehensive business ecosystem that includes relations with Hollywood movies and satellite TV channels, partnership with hardware, network and codec vendors, resellers, OEM solution partners, and system integrators.