InfoValue IPTV Analytics

Valuable Intelligence and Insight from Extensive Measurement and Analysis
The InfoValue IPTV Analytics (“Analytics”) module takes the extensive amount of data logged by the InfoValue IPTV system, and after careful analysis, presents the data in clear, intuitive, easy-to-use charts and diagrams. The modern day operator needs to be able to make quick changes and decisions in order to maximize revenue and user/customer satisfaction. The Analytics module provides the operator with the intelligence and insight, in real time, to make those decisions and changes. Analytics helps discover and interpret meaningful patterns of the system usage, such as the most and the least watched channels over last 7-day, 30-day or any other period. Similar insights are also available for video on-demand content (e.g. movies, info videos, learning videos), special functions (e.g. photo sharing, flight status, folio review, express checkout), and information menus.