Emergency Channel Tuning

IPTV Emergency Channel Tuning (“ECT”) is a feature module of InfoValue’s IPTV platform that instantly tunes IPTV endpoints (“TVs”), including smart TVs and set-top boxes, to instantly show time critical messages. ECT turns on TVs, if necessary, tunes TVs to show assigned messages, and, if commanded, locks down TVs. A locked TV does not respond to remote control signals or any local TV operations. Different messages can be shown on different TVs at the same time. For example, when facing a hurricane, the messages to TVs in buildings near the coast are to leave for inland buildings and the messages to TVs in inland buildings are to stay inside their buildings. Different messages can be shown for different types of emergencies. Administrators and operators perform all specifications and activations via the secured ECT Console, which runs on most browsers on Windows & Mac PCs and iOS & Android tablets and smartphones.